About RYM

My vision

I started RYM 2016 as a small online store selling inspirational jewelry. I have met many great people along the way through social media. I felt there was a need to get like minded business people together to collaborate and promote each other in a kind and giving manner. My motto is Be the Change that Inspires and that is exactly what I am after. Im always seeking  entrepreneurial business strategies & alliances that inspire change. If you would like to join our dream team its simple, all I require is for your business or nonprofit to be inspirational, paying it forward (in some capacity), and have a positive vibe. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you.


Jane Montgomery

 RYM Founder and CEO

Getting featured

Start getting featured today with successful entrepreneurs and top influencers! Collaboration is key! Here at RYM we promote like minded individuals and businesses who want to make an impact not only through their career, but through giving back and helping others less fortunate. Rock your Messages will donate a portion of it's donations to the charity of your choice for the month you are featured. For more information and subscription pricing please contact us at jane@rockyourmessages.com