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I am an eminent ‘Influencer Marketing Campaign’ expert, highly-skilled in ‘Lead Generation Techniques,’ specializing in the Luxury Industry. This is why I have created Baroness World Luxury (BWL) of which I am the CEO.

My ability to deeply understand the nature and identity of the brands I represent, has helped me express - through our Influencer Marketing Campaigns that spread out to our database of millions of subscribers and Social Media followers - the most efficient possible message desired by my clients.

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Blogger / Infuencer

Life-STYLE by Laura

Laura is a stylist, personal shopper, wardrobe consultant and image expert. With degrees from Texas Tech in television and marketing, Laura discovered her true passion for the fashion industry when she moved to Dallas over eight years ago. Laura began her career in personal shopping at Nordstrom NorthPark as the original stylist based in designer apparel. While at Nordstrom, Laura achieved many top awards including: Top Tier annual status, Pacesetter, Top Personal Trade, and the coveted All-Star Customer Service Award. After four years at Nordstrom, she started her own company, Life-STYLE by Laura, expanding the scope of retailers to service her variety of clientele – including women, men and children. Click on the link to discover more.

Laura has been featured by one of our top influencers Simonetta. You can read more about Laura by clicking on the link below.


Ari is a serial optimist. In addition to being the author of The Kidney Donor's Journey, Ari is a licensed social worker, therapist, inspirational speaker, rabbi, Huff-Post contributor, blogger, CEO, organizational strategist, consultant and proud kidney donor. He is the Director of Leadership and Community Development at Yeshiva University, where he travels to communities worldwide to train and inspire healthy and functional communal relationships and organizations. He holds a BA in Psychology, MS in education, MSW in social work and is currently a Ph.D. candidate. His positive messages of kindness and optimism universally resonate through all the work he does. Join the quarter million people who follow Ari's daily inspirational quotes on Twitter.

Michele Lanfrank

I am born, "bred" (always Italian, then whole grain, now gluten free ~ wink-wink) and raised in the Metropolitan Area. I am an urban suburbanite... which means I have urban flavor in a suburban world that I have always tried to educate and elevate. A much more difficult mission than I ever imagined.

For me life is about the WE not ME. Not to be cliche' but it truly takes a village and it's always a we-movement to truly be successful.  So, let's all let go of the ME-Movement and join the WE-Movement.

Nomadic Boys

We are gay couple Stefan and Sebastien and have been travelling the world together since 2014 after leaving our lives in London. We created our blog as a platform to record our romantic adventures, write about the different gay scenes and of course, our culinary discoveries.

Over the past 4 years, Nomadic Boys has grown to become one of the largest gay travel blogs in the world and our full time job. Well, more than that – it has become our baby and is one of the best things to have come out from our relationship.


Marcel #dandycannes

Elected top 1 influencer Twitter #CotedAzur

Cannes - French Riviera