Motivational Speakers

Hal Roberts

Hal grew up in Dallas, TX where he excelled in many sports, especially football, which lead to a scholarship at the University of Houston. After his senior year he was signed on with the NFL's St. Louis Cardinals as a free agent in 1974. Hal embarked on his educational career after his time in the NFL. His educational leadership roles continued for 30 years. 

Hal decided at this point to opened up a new chapter in his life, speaking and writing his book focusing on leadership - Pirate On! The acronym for PIRATE stands for Passion, Persistence, Immersion, Integrity, Relationships, Analysis, Authority, Transformation, Trust, Enthusiasm, Empower, Service, Significant to speak on living and leading. Hal reflects on his experience in the NFL and 30 years in leadership to deliver his unique message.

Hal also will deliver a speech on the neuroscience of the leadership brain titles "The Neurocardiolgist Leader....fascinating!

Hal would be honored to tailor his speech with spiritual content for  your church organization. He can also deliver your keynote and create a unique and motivating speech to fit your organazation. 

Hal will facilitate your half-day professional development in three sessions. He will begin with his motivation and inspiring presentation "Pirate On!" He will facilitate a very interactive and unique session like you have never experienced. Your staff will collaborate and create from your school's name, hashtag, or mascot, a distinctive and very easy way to remember message, vision, phrase, theme, or purpose for your school, district, team, or organization.

Join Hal on his voyage into the high seas, leaving behind the dreary and monotonous for a swashbuckling experience!

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