Movies / TV Series

Dogwood Pass - Upcoming

Dramatic series based on the replicant 1880's mining town Dogwood Pass. Located in Beaver, Ohio. Owned by Mike and Sharlene Montgomery.

Staring Michael Para, Richard Hunt, Michael Alan Herman, Marrett Laney, Nancy Pushkar, and Yang Miller

Directed by Lana Read

Easy Money - Upcoming

When vulnerable artist Tyler Mason has nowhere else to turn, he is recruited into an unexpected trio to conduct one of the most innovative money counterfeiting schemes to ever hit the market. Click on the link to watch the trailer.

Preacher Six - Upcoming

If you like original content that is driven by action and amazing writing you have come to the right place. No remakes, redoos , sequals, do overs for us! Lets take film back. If you like Quentin Tarantino type films, you will love this one!! "Preacher Six" is like "Taxi Driver" meets "Sin City" meets "The Prophesy" Please be a part of something awesome!